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Life Simulations

Two participants at a recent Life Simulation face the hard realities of living in poverty.
The Life Simulation experience is designed to help credit union employees, volunteers and leadership begin to understand what it might be like to live in a typical low-income family trying to survive from month to month. In the simulation 40 to 80 participants assume the roles of up to 26 families. Some families are newly unemployed, some are homeless and others are senior citizens living on disability payments or raising grandchildren.

During the three hour activity, these “families” are struggling to make ends meet in the simulated month of four fifteen minute weeks. At the conclusion of the exercise (this is not a game), participants will be more aware to the daily realities of many American families. Walking in another’s shoes is a far more effective way to sensitize others to the needs of immigrants and other low-wage working families than from traditional diversity or classroom learning.

For more information, please contact Lois Kitsch at lkitsch@ncuf.coop or 407-616-2409.